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Who Are We?

Osmose is a regenerative design lab with sustainability at its core. It is our goal to encourage a symbiotic relationship between people and the planet.
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Our Story

Osmose is an interdisciplinary design studio focused on regenerative circularity and sustainability in fashion, accessories and homeware.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional crafts such as wood work and botanical dyes. Osmose maintains transparency in the design process and only makes use of organic/ethically sourced materials.

Committed to countering the generically wasteful trends in their respective industries. Founders Aurelie Fontan and Ashley Granter advocate for a symbiotic lifestyle. In addition to living harmoniously, they want to push the boundaries on what can be achieved with pure, natural resources. Osmose wants to encourage its customers to be both respectful and curious of the rural environments we bring into our homes.

What We Work With

Upcycled Materials

Osmose Studio - Sustainable Fashion - Accessories

We firmly believe that using existing materials should be a priority for brands so that we alleviate the ever growing stress put on our natural resources and avoid exploiting endangered wildlife. For the aforementioned reasons we source a lot of waste, deadstock and pre-loved materials. We get immense joy from taking something old and broken and turning it into something new, beautiful and unique. Our freshwater pearls are sourced from pre-loved jewellery only. We do not caution the culture of genuine pearls for ethical reasons.

Organic Materials

Osmose Studio - Sustainable Fashion - Homeware

In order to tackle our plastic waste crisis, we have made a pledge to only use 100% recycled plastic when absolutely necessary. This also allows us to support local businesses that do the much needed work of recycling post-consumer waste (mischievous plastics for example). This applies across our fashion, homeware and other products. Our organic materials are all 100% biodegradable and we source verified materials where possible.

Botanical Dyes

Osmose Studio - Sustainable Fashion - Materials

Throughout previous generations, the colours on the garments people wore all came from plants and insects.  Since the 1960s we have been replacing these wonderful natural colours with a harmful array of chemicals that harm our waterways and the people who work with them. At Osmose, we have decided to revive the past and bring natural dyes back into contemporary fashion. This respects our ecosystems and the people who work in it. Our colours are sustainably foraged and grown by community farmers in the UK and turkey.

Our Designers

Osmose Studio - Designers - Aurelie Fontan

Aurelie Fontan

Paris born fashion designer, Aurelie studied symbiotic fashion at the Royal College of Art in Paris. During her time at university she focused mainly on Biodesign and Circular Systems.

While pioneering bio-fabrication in the fashion industry, Aurelie has integrated; slime, mould, mycelium and other living systems in a circular processes for her past and current collections.

Her work integrates traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and innovation.

Osmose Studio - Designers - Ashley Granter

Ashley Granter

Ashley is a product designer and myco-material specialist. He has a wealth of experience in growing traditional objects with non-traditional materials, specialising in the use of Fungi.

Consulting for various clients in the biodesign industry, he has explored furniture, decoration and homeware.

His work includes art pieces as well as more industrial processes applied to myco-materials.

Joint Venture

Ashley and Aurelie founded Mykko together in 2019, an award winning mycelium leather company.
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All items are made-to-order - UK Delivery only - please expect your items within 2 weeks