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Discover the magical 

world of mycelium

A regenerative materials 

revolution is happening

A mycelium bowl next to some figs
two mycelium bowls on top of two mycelium plinths
two mycelium bowls next. to some mushrooms
A mycelium panel with textured corrugation
A mycelium lamp hung in top of a sofa, with a grey wall backdrop

Have you tried to grow mycelium or mushrooms and almost gave up ?

We get it. It took us years to perfect it.


This is why we created our BioCast Kit, so you can harness the power of fungi

with no prior training...

Want to try mycelium ?


Grow your own mycelium pieces

with BioCast Mycelium Grow kit

A kit to grow your own mycelium with some dried flowers

Bring mycelium 

into your space

A michelin star restaurant with mycelium partitions






A pair of glasses on top of mycelium plinths



Make your design project circular, sustainable and one-of-a-kind !

Let us know your requirements and

just watch it grow !

We work for many industries all across the UK.


Want to know more about mycelium ?

We host workshops around the UK! Get in touch to pre-book our mycelium masterclass 

A man and an older wowan at a mycelium workshop


Adam C.

Osmose are a delight to work with. They will always be our go-to supplier for the mycelial grow kits we use in community workshops - the quality of their materials, instructions, and support are top class.

I can't recommend them highly enough !

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