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Manipulate mycelium and use it in a wide variety of designs with no prior experience. Ready-to-Grow kits for newbies with no prior experience. More advanced bio-fabrication can be achieved with our library of additional species.

Osmose Studio - Mycelium Supplies - Petri Dish
Mycelium culture
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Osmose Studio - Mycelium Supplies - Ready to Grow Reishi Kit
Mycelium Myco-Materials Kit (Ready-to-grow)
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What you can grow

Our mycelium supplies have been used in a wide variety of design and research projects. Products include but are not limited to; lampshades, bowls, stands, stools and packaging. Anything you can shape you can make.

Who buys our supplies?:
Design Students
Various Businesses


Harvested from local forests, our mycelium species are native to the UK and guaranteed NON GMO. We only use single cells taken from live mushrooms in their natural ecosystem to ensure our foraging is non intrusive. We put the utmost care into preparing our mycelium supplies with strict biological protocols in place to make sure they are 100% contamination-free. Currently, we are the leading provider of mycelium supplies in the UK.


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Can you ship to me?

Due to Brexit rules, we only ship within the U.K at the moment.

What if my live culture is compromised during shipping?

If your live culture is delivered in a compromised state (broken, dead or no longer sterile), please take photos of the package as well as its contents and get in touch with us via our contact form. A member of our team will send out a replacement culture as soon as possible.

Osmose Studio holds no responsibility for any contamination caused by the customer. If you are not sure how to keep your cultures sterile or how to work with them, please seek the assistance of a professional or practice with clean culture plates.

How long do the live culture last for?

The 90mm MEA Culture Plates last up to 2 weeks unrefrigerated or 6 months refrigerated. The Culture slants should be refrigerated at all times and can last up to 4 years in this form if stored properly. As for the mycelium spawn, it should be used within 2 weeks as the mycelium will spoil quickly.

How do I get informed on how to use the Ready-to-grow kits?

For the Ready-to-grow kits, we have a full leaflet of information describing the process you need to follow which is sent to you by email. For more information or assistance, you can enquire about our one on one masterclass or attend our workshops.

Do you do a student discount?

Yes we do. You simply need to send us an image of your student card or ID so that we can issue a discount to use with our supplies.

Do you do bulk order discounts?

Yes we do. A 5% discount is applied for 10 or more Ready-to-grow bags purchased together. Larger scale discounts are available upon enquiry.

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All items are made-to-order - UK Delivery only - please expect your items within 2 weeks