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Learn how to make sustainable, organic products with a masterclass in mycelium. Cultivate a symbiotic relationship with the plant life around you.
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Why Mycelium?

Mycelium has become an extremely promising biomaterial in the renewable design space and is continually overdelivering on its seemingly limitless capabilities!

As leading experts in the mycelium design space, we want to share our expertise in a fully custom mentoring session. During this mentoring session we intend to help you achieve all of your mycelium growth goals. We adapt our class to all levels of knowledge and experience. This course is suited to any individual or group of individuals who want to learn how to experiment with mycelium.

If you are a business or design studio and require design services, please visit our consultation page.


What will you learn?

This depends on your level of experience with generic biology, design and mycelium. Regardless, we will always cover the basics of lab protocols, handling mycelium substrate and preparing your moulds. We will also provide in-depth guidance on techniques relevant to your specific project. This will be tailored to your level of experience with mycelium, whether you are a beginner or intermediate, it does not matter. Our goal is for you to get as much out of the class as possible. To help you bring your ideas to life and make your project a success.


What is included?

1 hour of tailored mycelium mentoring.
1 Ready to Grow kit to get you started and experimenting.
Q&A during the session relative to your project.
15% discount on extra Ready-to-grow kits (valid for up to 5 kits).
Price of the masterclass : 150 GBP

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I am a complete beginner in biology/biodesign, is this masterclass for me?

Yes absolutely. We have designed this session for every level of experience with mycelium. Beginners are absolutely welcome and we will cover the basics with you before going into detail.

I want a recurrent masterclass, do you do discounts?

Yes, please do enquire with us prior to booking.

Do you do any group workshops?

Yes, we occasionally plan group workshops but due to the Covid pandemic, we will reveal the next workshops shortly once they have been confirmed.

Is the Ready-to-Grow kit included in the price of the masterclass?

Yes, you get a free kit to experiment with so you can apply what you have learned during the masterclass to your specific research or project

Is there anything you can't cover in the masterclass?

For Intellectual Property reasons, we cannot cover mycelium textile or leather, as well as mushroom dyes and pigments.

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All items are made-to-order - UK Delivery only - please expect your items within 2 weeks