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Realise your own mycelium projects through our design services. We help you achieve your wildest mycelium goals.
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Who Is This For?

Our mycelium consultancy services are oriented around design and helping you to go forward with the professional project in your head. We are accustom to working in the sectors of interiors, set design, architecture and general products. Contact us to receive a free 15 minute chat with a member of our team (click here).


How Can We Help You?

Our consultation services can adapt to fit the nature, stage and scale of any project. We can advise on small projects or large scale projects with a more in-depth approach. Alternatively, we can do more than just advising. We can do the design and prototype work for you, even grow your project completely in-house so you won't have to worry about doing any of it yourself. From ideation to launch, we will be there to bring you along the process each step of the way.


Who We Work With

We consult for a variety of clients, including; universities, private individuals, designers, artists and businesses.

Industries We Work With:
Interior Design & Architecture
Products & Furniture
Set Design
Performance & Fine Arts
Fashion & Textiles

The Ledbury

In 2021 we were asked to re-decorate the Ledbury, a 2 Michelin star restaurant re-opening in Notting Hill under the direction of Chef Brett Graham. We accomplished this in conjunction with the luxury interior design firm "These White Walls". We were tasked with creating a mycelium mural of over 40 panels with lampshades and bowls to match.

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Sebastian Cox

Consulting for Sebastian Cox, our mycelium expert Ashley Granter set up a production line for the furniture designer's mycelium lamp shades, including a laboratory set up.

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Consulting for mycelium insulation producer BIOHM in London, our mycelium expert conducted deep R&D into mycelium material, providing access to our library of species and overseeing industrial manufacturing of mycelium insulation.

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Can you prototype a mycelium product for businesses?

Yes, we have production facility that allow us to rapid prototype most products. Please make sure to include your product specifications in the inquiry so we can give you a quote.

Can you mass-manufacture a product?

At the moment our facility allow for small product runs so we cannot unfortunately produce in large quantities for your business.

Do you do packaging?

We can prototype packaging to a proof of concept or finished item. We cannot produce these in very large quantities but this can give you an idea/product if you are looking to get this produced or if looking for funding.

how much do you charge for your services?

Each project is different and so we need to have an idea of what you are looking for so we can give you an appropriate quote. Please send us an email and tell us a bit about your project!

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All items are made-to-order - UK Delivery only - please expect your items within 2 weeks